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NekoJams Gaming was founded and created in October of 2013 by James Rafferty and Kristen Willis.

The two met in their senior (James) and freshman (Kristen) year of college in 2012, James studied Information Technology while Kristen majored in Medical Assisting.

The two were avid gamers, James being more prone to old school type gaming and Kristen loving the atmosphere of the next gen systems.

They both realizes that the fields that they were involved in did not fit their personalities and that they did not enjoy the work that they were doing. Even without majoring in any type of game engineering course, the two were adamant that gaming was what they wanted to do.

But where to start?

The idea for NekoJams came from a conversation between both founders: There are plenty of video game channels, but few actually share news about upcoming events or releases. James would cover the older game consoles and Kristen would work with the newer models.

The name NekoJams was James’s idea. Neko is the Japanese word for Cat, and that was the nickname that Kristen had labeled James with from their first encounter. Jams is simply an alteration of James’s name, but Kristen was very much involved in the naming process.

Another word that is prominent through out the NekoJams website is Usagi, which is Japanese for Rabbit or Bunny. This of course was Kristen’s pet name given to her by James, and she runs her game blog, UsagiSays, under this same name.

Thus from one conversation on an October morning, NekoJams was conceived and has been dedicated to bringing not only video game walk throughs but gaming news to those who crave games as much as we do.

So from the NekoJams Studio, Game on, and Game Strong!™

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