Free Software Downloads

Free Software Downloads

Welcome to the Neko Jams Gaming/Software Portal!

Here you can find games and software relating to games, as well as a few other items of interest to the technically inclined among us.

These are some free software downloads that are easy to install and use as you see fit. Each software link includes an in depth article about the features of the software and what the products can be used for. Articles even suggest certain titles that may be of interest to our fans.

We are always adding new and free software downloads to our website and hope that you all enjoy them. Some downloads are still in development and will be added shortly. We appreciate your patience and your support through our gaming journey. So as you use this software remember to Game on, and Game Strong!™


All software is made available on this domain. However, the files may not necessarily be hosted here, nor are they necessarily endorsed or created by the Neko Jams Staff. Our software and game portal is a place where the community can contribute to freely, with a degree of regulation. Please always use caution when downloading files from the Internet.

The NekoJams staff try to keep all our available software downloads free, easy to use, and overall legitimate and legal. As we post and improve the list of available software there may be a few bugs here and there and we appreciate anyone who takes the time to notify us of these happenings. Some sites offer software that may or may not be truly free, but we can honestly and proudly say that all of our available software is legal and free. If anyone has any questions regarding our software, development, or wants to notify us of any bugs or broken download links please do not hesitate to e-mail the NekoJams team at any time. Files containing inappropriate material or code (including viruses) may be removed without notice of the uploader. We thank and appreciate every one of our loyal fans.

Free Software Downloads

Free Software Downloads Include:

Firefox Browser = Perfect for browser games

Opera Browser = Another good browser

GIMP Image Manipulator Program = good substitute for photoshop, and used often for graphical ROM hacking

Steam Code Generator = steam code giveaway storage

NES Emulator = Play NES games on computer

SNES Emulator = Play Super Nintendo on computer

Genesis Emulator

Xbox Live Gold Generator

Xbox Emulator

Xbox 360 Emulator

PS1 Emulator

Microsoft Point Generator

Itunes Gift Card Generator

PS2 Emulator

Android Emulator

PSP Emulator

Playstation Code Generator

IPad Emulator

Amazon Gift Card Code Generator

System Ninja


WInrar Archiver

WIn32 Disk imager


N64 Emulator

GBA Emulator

DS Emulator

3DS Emulator

Pomodoro Timer



If any of our fans have suggestions regarding software that they would like to see on this list please feel free to e-mail the NekoJams team with the name of the generator. You can contact us at